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Specifications and Drawings
Imperial (inches) Metric (cm)
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STA-Mini 9.5 mm x 17mm Pull
STA-Mini 13 mm x 14 mm Pull
STA-Mini 13 mm x 16 mm Pull-Latching
STA-Mini 13 mm x 14 mm Push
STA 13 x 27 Pull
STA 13 x 27 Push
STA 13 x 52 Pull
STA 20 x 40 Pull
STA 20 x 40 Push
STA-Q 20x41 Pull
STA-D 20x41 Pull
STA-D 20x41 Push
STA 26 x 30
STA 26 x 52 Pull
STA 26 x 52 Push
Size 125M Pull
Size 150M Pull
Size 175M Pull
CAD Drawings
STA® Series Tubular Solenoids
Power: Average power consumption; high force output
Housing: STA® Series case provides greater shock and vibration integrity
Functional Advantages: Ideal for high force, short stroke applications; on/off operation
Life*: Extraordinary life of 25+ million actuations
Operation: Push/pull engagement; well-suited to lock/latch operations
Size: 5 sizes from 0.52 to 1.75" (13.2 to 44.4 mm) diameter and 0.55 to 4.71 (13.9 to 119.7 mm) long
Force: Up to 9.8 lbs (43.61 N)
Stroke: Up to 2.5" (63.5 mm)

Application Examples
STA Tubular Solenoid Application Examples
Custom Products
Need a modified or custom Tubular Solenoid?

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